This web page has been developed as part of the JISC-funded Using OpenURL Activity Data Project. This is a prototype article recommender that was developed based on the OpenURL Router Data. This page will be made available for a limited time following completion of the project.

The drop-down below contains a list of 100 articles that were requested between April - June 2011 and logged in the OpenURL Router Data to demonstrate that OpenURL Data can be used to make recommendations. The recommendations are based on other articles that were requested during the same user session, i.e. someone who looked at the article in the drop-down list also looked at one of the articles shown in the list below. Please select an article from the drop-down and click 'Get Recommendations' to see a demonstration of this.

Note: a significant amount of analysis was performed to determine what constituted a user session and how to group requests into sessions. Further details of this and the project, including the work to release the OpenURL Router Data, can be found in Using OpenURL Activity Data - Final Report, and in Appendix E - Data Analysis for Development